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No sales person jeans store

1 December 2012

There is a new shopping experience that’s powered by robots and your smartphone. Founded by a former Amazon exec this shop has the potential to revolutionize the way we buy clothes! In the store customers can scan QR codes on jeans they like and robots will send their specific size to a designated dressing room.

The store carrying the name Hointer, located in the University District of Seattle, is still in beta mode and  focuses on high-end jeans for male for now. But the company plans on selling all men’s apparel with various price ranges and eventually expands into the women and teen clothing worlds as well.

Main reason the focus is still men based is the simple fact that shopping is an arduous chore for most guys. They’d rather be efficient with their shopping, and Hointer gives them that with a tech twist. These shoppers are like hunters — that’s where the name “Hointer” comes from.

Why this concept is a glimps in the future? The design of the store requires less floorspace and fewer salespeople, which in turn allows Hointer to offer low prices and carry more stock. And the app allows Hointer to track everything in the store in real-time and lets customers rate clothing. Brands can then access that data via Hointer’s portal to see which apparel people tend to try on and not.

Now it is already so successful Hointer  plans to open more stores in Bellevue, San Francisco and possibly abroad in Tokyo and Shanghai.

Tesco’s virtual store in korean subway

27 June 2011

I love this project from Homeplus, the Korean daughter of British supermarket giant Tesco. To gain their share in the market, Homeplus came up with one of the coolest QR code campagnes ever launched. The basic idea is to bring the store to the busy Korean people. They did this by sticking stickers with life-size photos of filled supermarket shelves in the subway station. Every product displayed in the picture could be bought. Instead of putting the products in your cart you had to scan the QR Codes to add items to your mobile cart. Once you’re home your purchase is delivered. Great way of promoting your online shopping service.

Diesel brings like button in brick and mortar store

3 June 2011

A few weeks ago a lot of blogs mentioned the RAI motor show held in my hometown. They didn’t report the premiere of some cool prototype or new car model, the fair it is actually quite a dull one. The buzz was about two meritocratic carmakers that introduced real life Facebook like buttons at their stand. And now jeans brand Diesel brings this phenomenon to the real life store. A QR code on the jeans enables you to like a product and share it with your Facebook friends. Diesel is one of those brands that acknowledge the new frontier isn’t online, but a web-influenced offline world. The Facebook mirror and this new mobile initiative illustrates that well.

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