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Making buying simple | Trends | Marketing Week

23 September 2012

Consumers are more likely to buy from brands that make purchasing their products simple, new research seen by Marketing Week reveals.

Having too much choice is causing consumers to suffer from ‘purchase anxiety’, according to a new report, with as many as 41 per cent of consumers in the UK, US and Asia-Pacific saying they experience some degree of worry about what they are buying.

People are also suffering from ‘cognitive overload’ where they are presented with too much information and choice when making decisions, according to the report by the CEB, formerly Corporate Executive Board. This in turn leads to them researching products in greater depth than before, with 12 per cent saying they spend more time on research than they did two years ago and 20 per cent saying they re-research a product even after they have made a purchase decision.

People are even concerned about actions that marketers might consider simple, such as going to a supermarket to buy orange juice. One of the 7000 consumers in the survey notes that there were up to 20 options to choose from in one store.

read the whole article via Marketing Week.

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