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In the future, we won’t seek out retailers. Retailers will seek us out.

3 November 2011

I just read a super interesting article by Doug Stephen who is president of Retail prophet consulting. He predicts the death of the store as destination. For millennia retail as a concept, has been about destinations. Whether a small specialty shop, a department store or a website, retail has always meant going somewhere to get something. But the development that “anything/anywhere” shopping becomes the expectation and ultimately the norm results in a future where the product seeks out the consumer instead of the other way around.

He is giving four recent examples

With my interpretation of this interesting view I think the term broadcast shopping is something relevant to mention. The broadcast shopping model reverses the relationship between shopper and retailer. Instead of the consumer searching for a vendor that has what he needs the consumer describes a specific need online and the retailer is hunting the web for questions they can fulfill. Several examples are already there and Zaarly is a great one.

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