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What if you lived at ikea?

3 May 2011

At one weekend photographer Christian Gideon was sent to IKEA by his wife. He went with a friend and started to get bored. Soon after they asking themselves- what if you lived in ikea? well take a look…

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Store where you can buy products for life on the moon

28 March 2011

Using retail to leverage an idea is for me the ultimate form of retailization. Increasingly we see stores from all kinds of companies or organizations using retail for its social abilities. The pop-up format is especially popular for the extra attention it generates. The latest example of this phenomenon is The Lunar store.

The Lunar store is a Pop Up store where products for daily life on the moon are being displayed. The pop-up store is an initiative commissioned by a private European art institution. Its real purpose is to question the standard image of space constructions.

Shanghai is the first location this store will pop up. The store is also expected to open its doors in Rotterdam, Barcelona, Tokyo & New York in the coming future.

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The top 10 Design Business Failures

25 March 2011

A very interesting slide show about what can go wrong when doing business in design and how to solve that.

A must see for everybody at a design office who is involved in the business site


pop art phone store and a farmers’ market in LA airport

22 March 2011

It was a hectic month, I just became father so priorities shifted for a moment. I still felt the urge to share but made it myself easy by twittering the links of the things I found worthy of note. If you are a regular reader it is actually the best way to be up to date of this blog and I share more too. So if you want to follow me and my thoughts  just click ‘my tweets’ and make you a follower.

And now the real news…

I was stunned when I visited the first 4010 community focused store of Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile) in Berlin. It was so much different than the normal white t-mobile store. The second one that recently opened it’s doors in Cologne is exceptional too. The first store was heavily influenced by Berlin’s famous street art scene. This one has a connection with the city’s Ludwig Museum that has the biggest pop art collection outside the US. The space designed by Hamburg’s PARAT has a relaxed vibe that is often hard to find in hard-core sales environment of many other telecom stores and above all it really tells a story…

Love card sounds a little bit like a love toy but it is actually a digital card that helps the elderly and people with poor sight to shop independently. The device uses RFID technology to “read aloud” the prices of groceries. Although you can question its execution and appearance I think you have to take the idea very seriously. In a nation that, more than any other developed country, has to deal with a rapidly growing group of elderly people this invention understands the broad possibilities of RFID.

Via Yanko design

You might be able to shop at a farmers’ market in the airport very soon. If the bid goes through, the Original Farmers Market at LAX will give a new spin to the traditional airport food court as well as provide some much-needed healthy, fresh noshing options. The idea is to replicate LA’s cultural and culinary experience in the airport.

The Vinyl Factory, a shop for limited edition vinyl music and art packages. In a time where music is digital and almost disposable, combining art with limited editions is maybe the formula for the record shop that is going back to the future.

Via creative review

The first pop-up mall in London and now you can shop in a Berlin apartment.

14 February 2011

I have seen a lot of cool and interesting things pass by the last two weeks. Some set me thinking others just were beautiful. Here are a few of those:

The first Pop-up mall called boxpark is going to be opened in London this year. It directly took me back to my project surprise enterprise designed in 2006.

A romantic store interior for the Swedish Phone Company ‘You by Dialect‘ reminds me that most of the telecom stores look clinical and are male orientated. This one feels a lot more feminine. Amazingly that’s something not done a lot in this business.

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The newest project of sub zero cool Berlin fashion brand ‘Bless’ is taking brand experience to an other level with “BLESS Home”. It is a shop and residence in a lofty Berlin apartment that will be occupied by people who are willing to expose itself to the whole Bless experience. When living in the apartment he or she will at the same time work as caretaker and shop manager. What’s next?

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Regular readers know that I have a weak spot for retail interiors made with simple, mostly inexpensive intervention. This very charming children store is completely decorated with revamped materials bought from a local flea market and from eBay. And I have to admit it looks quit good.

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People’s supermarket prachtige nieuwe huisstijl

15 December 2010

Simpel maar briljante en zeer goed uitgevoerde huisstijl van de engelse community owned supermarkt People’s supermarket uit Londen.

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Hoe kleuren de aankoop beïnvloeden

10 December 2010

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Retail trends 2011 (deel 1)

9 December 2010

Het is het einde van het jaar en dus beginnen de trends voor volgend jaar weer binnen te druppelen.  De eerste interessante waar ik jullie op wil wijze is van contagious magazine. Hieronder de trends met een korte uitleg en een link naar een voorbeeld.  Er zullen meer trendlijstjes  volgen die ik de moeite waard vind om met jullie te delen.

Wil je de trends beter uitgelegd krijgen klik hier voor het volledige trend report.

Curated consumerism / intergrating online and in-store
Instore tech / capitalizing on convergent lifestyles
World of whiskies store
Democratic consumerism / re-thinking the supply chain
Salon retail / spaces for community and personal
The school of life
Retail with a cause / the new social
Theory store
Service-centred tech / people drive technology in-store
contagious magazine
S-commerce / where social media meets online retail
14 social commerce voorbeelden
M-commerce / the bridge between at home and in-store
mobile is game changer
V-commerce / using video content to drive

Scent marketing in retail

6 December 2010

Een leuk  filmpje van een reportage over sense marketing in retail met een nadruk op geur. Naast dit, is ook de uitleg  over  de nieuwe flagship van de  Australische supermarktketen Coles, heel interessant.

Kopen met tijd en sinterklaas in Londen

30 November 2010

Wat opvallende dingen van deze maand voor jullie bij elkaar gezet.

Hij is dan eindelijk geopend,  Plane shop, de  roulerende pop-up winkel op het vliegveld van Glasgow

De kunstenaar Lawrence Weiner ontwierp een winkel waar niet met geld maar met tijd wordt betaald. Een oud socialistisch fenomeen dat de laatste tijd zeker in de VS weer wordt opgepakt.

De grote merken willen klein lijken door samen met locale hippe ambachtelijke merken op een ‘pop up’ vlooienmarkt te staan.

Veel over bericht toch even het vermelden waar. Kessels Kramer introduceert sinterklaas in Londen.

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