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News analysis – The Boxpark retail development | News | Design Week

18 November 2011

News analysis – The Boxpark retail development | News | Design Week.

The first buy and collect store in the UK

26 October 2011

Since a week the British store chain House of Fraser opened its own buy and collect store in Aberdeen. The store is an experiment to see  if the Brits are ready for this new way of stockless shops.

The store does not stock merchandise but instead features iPads, computers and interactive screens where customers can order products, which are then delivered the following day to either the customer’s home or to the store for collection.

To enhance the selling process there are big touch-screens to support sales people and comfortable seatings to let the customers feel at ease. The retailer plans to open a second store in Liverpool One shopping centre before Christmas.

If this particular store in this configuration for this brand will succeed, I can’t say. But click and collect will be one of the new ways we shop that is here to stay and can’t be ignored anymore by retailers in their omni-channel approach.

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Luxury brands are blurring the line between museum and store

2 October 2011

Photo Getty for Gucci

It is a trend already going on for a few years, retailing brands that are hooking up with art and artist. The need to be more than a brand selling products and the call for a transcendent brand story is often found in art. Especially the luxury brands are dissolving the boundaries between the world of art and their retail activities. They have partnerships with artists and presenting art and products as one of the same. In-store galleries are part of the shopping experience. Their global flagship stores are even of museum architectural allure.  The new Louis Vuitton store in Singapore is one of the newest examples.

To blur the line even more the luxury brands are not only hosting artists like museums but are occupying or even start museums themselves. The most recent example of this is the Gucci museum in Florence. In this museum the product stands central as if it is an uber exclusive window-shopping experience. At the end there is the possibility to buy a piece of all this luxury porn in its own shop. It is just a matter of time that this museum is going to travel around the world and enrich the shopping experience in all Gucci’s flagships.

Adidas secret pop up store

24 September 2011

What to do if the temporariness of pop up is losing its exclusivity? You take this, ones super hip now uber mainstream phenomenon, more select. No better you make it SECRET. Sports giant Adidas has recently come up with a brilliant sales strategy that sparks a new incentive.

Adidas will launch 6 pop-up stores that are open only for a short time in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The invitations with the opening dates and venues are spread via social networking sites to a select group of people. The urban style stores of 40 to 90 sqm large are furnished with super simple steel tubes furniture. This allowed it to be put up within one day on site with one hex key. Its quick instalation makes the surprise even bigger!

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Xbox becomes AR shopping tool plus airliner and advertising agency start retailing

16 June 2011

The last 2 weeks a few pieces on the net caught my eye. Here is the news that I think is exciting enough to mention. It shows a possible technological frog leap for on-line shopping and  great examples of retail being used to elevate an idea or company

Augmented reality shopping screens for stores are still in prototype phase and now it looks like this technology will soon be accessible for owners of the XBox Kinect. KinectShop is an AR shopping platform that allows shoppers to grab items from an unlimited shelf of clothes and share the photos with friends on Twitter and Facebook. It is just a matter of time that every television will have this function with which this 20th century icon finally enters the 21st one.

via fastcompany

Air New Zealand’s looked for an original way to introduce their uniform design. And what better way than using a shopping experience to make the workforce enthusiastic. The store allows staff to choose their uniform and get advice on grooming, makeup and presentation. ‘Clothes Hangar’ co-designed by Saatchi Design Worldwide breaths an eclectic New Zealand Beach atmosphere. Love the design btw.

via dezeen

Today the already much talked about 5 day pop-up shop of advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy opens its doors. This great example of an office that not only designs (retail) experiences for its customers but also organizes them for their self. And it is not only a showcase for their competences but also a charming way to support and connect themselves with the local entrepreneurs and edgy creative’s. I wander when this smart way to lift and connect with entrepreneurship and creativity get followers in my hometown Amsterdam.

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Store where you can buy products for life on the moon

28 March 2011

Using retail to leverage an idea is for me the ultimate form of retailization. Increasingly we see stores from all kinds of companies or organizations using retail for its social abilities. The pop-up format is especially popular for the extra attention it generates. The latest example of this phenomenon is The Lunar store.

The Lunar store is a Pop Up store where products for daily life on the moon are being displayed. The pop-up store is an initiative commissioned by a private European art institution. Its real purpose is to question the standard image of space constructions.

Shanghai is the first location this store will pop up. The store is also expected to open its doors in Rotterdam, Barcelona, Tokyo & New York in the coming future.

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Europe’s first fully integrated Facebook store

28 January 2011

It is finaly a fact, fashion e-tailer ASOS launched the first European f-commerce store. The page is crisp and smart and will probably be the new benchmark standard for companies with Facebook store aspiration. Rather than a lesser version of their own e-commerce site, the ASOS f-store holds its own usability and simplicity. The new f-store has a lot in common with JCPenney’s f-store that opened up last month.

On the site you will find all the social characteristics of Facebook. You can view items, “like” them, share items and give comments on certain items on your Facebook profile. You can see which items your friends have also liked within the store and complete a purchase without ever leaving the ASOS Facebook page. And to complete the experience it looks smart on a mobile phone. Now the first step is taken by one of the biggest European e-tailer  and Facebook has more search hits than Google, it is just a matter of time that more will follow.

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Scent marketing in retail

6 December 2010

Een leuk  filmpje van een reportage over sense marketing in retail met een nadruk op geur. Naast dit, is ook de uitleg  over  de nieuwe flagship van de  Australische supermarktketen Coles, heel interessant.

Kopen met tijd en sinterklaas in Londen

30 November 2010

Wat opvallende dingen van deze maand voor jullie bij elkaar gezet.

Hij is dan eindelijk geopend,  Plane shop, de  roulerende pop-up winkel op het vliegveld van Glasgow

De kunstenaar Lawrence Weiner ontwierp een winkel waar niet met geld maar met tijd wordt betaald. Een oud socialistisch fenomeen dat de laatste tijd zeker in de VS weer wordt opgepakt.

De grote merken willen klein lijken door samen met locale hippe ambachtelijke merken op een ‘pop up’ vlooienmarkt te staan.

Veel over bericht toch even het vermelden waar. Kessels Kramer introduceert sinterklaas in Londen.

Dover Street Market 2.0?

19 November 2010
Het merk zal in Bejing en Tokio twee multi label warenhuizen openen. In deze ruimte zullen grote namen als Anne de Meulenmeester en Bathing Ape alsmede door CdG geselecteerd jong talent worden verkocht. Er wordt al gesproken van Dover Street Market 2.0. Dat deze nieuwe initiatieven in de wandelgangen al zo heten is niet verwonderlijk als je realiseerd dat de namen I.T. Beijing Market en Ginza Komatsu Market zullen zijn. Een ding is zeker het zal weer spectaculair en trendzettend worden

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