McDonald’s host pop up public library

photo McDonald’s

As I reported earlier the Dutch public libraries are having a hard time as a result of the cost cuts by the government. To keep on being relevant they have to show the Dutch government that people still want to be member.

To achieve this the organization comes up with some pretty unconventional solutions.  They already introduced  libraries at high traffic locations like Schiphol airport and the railway station in Haarlem and recently announced to collaborate with retail partners like IKEA and Mc Donald’s.

The last one hosts since this week a pop up library that is opened two days a week till 27th of October in the city of Arnhem.  The pop up library is targeted to teenagers and reward them with a free hamburger if they want to become member. Further more is this initiative a chance for the library to show the teenagers that they are more than books. If this initiative will help the library survive the 21st century I can’t say. But it is always nice to see unconventional solutions especially from conservative institutes like the library

via retail news

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2 Responses to “McDonald’s host pop up public library”

  1. Dick van Tol Says:

    Leuk dat je aandacht aan bibliotheken besteed. Ken je ook de zeer fraaie stationsbibliotheek Haarlem? Kijk op de website, op en/of voor meer informatie.

    • plfhoen Says:

      Was dat leuke initiatief idd vergeten, zal ik direct aan het berichtje toevoegen. Verder weet ik aardig wat van bibliotheken. Ik heb ooit bij designbureau SVT het nieuwe bibliotheek retail concept mogen ontwerpen.

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