Retail Trends 2012 by LSN

If you have some change to spent it seems like you have to do it on The future laboratory’s new retail trend report 2012. The introduction reads very promising. I really like their description of the post-recession consumer who is looking for a ‘new normal’ world.  A consumer that demands value with value and likes to shop with the community on every channel. For him craftsmanship and cutting edge online technologies are not opposites but go hand in hand. Many subject in this report has also been covered on this blog.

Here their short intro of the content

Re-invented Retail – we outline the way in which post-recession consumers which post-recession consumers are rewriting the rules of retail by demanding a synergy of value and community-based heritage craftsmanship, and cutting-edge online, digital technologies.

A New Normal world – Digital super-convenience, multi-channel retail and strippedback Leanomic product ranges. We reveal just some of the ways that brands from Nike and Adidas to Waitrose and Issey Miyake have risen to the challenge of the New Normal demand for genuine eco-credentials at affordable prices.

Vasstige – We unpack the combination of ethical principles and value prices shaping New Normal retail sensibilities, and identify how brands like Diesel, Punkt, Aesop and Starbucks are using corner shop comebacks, no-frills products and covetable private to labels to reach out to them.

Retail Trends – We show how Gucci, Nokia, Stumptown, and Levi’s have found ways to use rural themes, artisanal skills and heritage narratives to tap into the New Normal’s desire for retail conviviality.

Innovate – We focus on how specific future-facing retail brands such as Rapha, Erik Schedin, and Stella Artois are creating a new world of Wraparound Retail.

via The Future Laboratory

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