Lancôme starts the very first shop in an airplane

All people who fly intercontinental flights know you can get bored very easy. After 5 hours flying your Ipod, book or in-flight entertainment system isn’t much of a help against boredom anymore. You wish to leave your seat too but it feels a waste of time unless you have to stretch your Stiff legs or empty your full bladder.

But now there is finally a good reason to leave your seat and kill that airborne time. Korean Air has unveiled a unique feature on board in the form of the number one hobby of most people. They introduced sky shop a luxury duty free shops on board of their 380 super jumbo jets.

The boutique built by cosmetics firm Lancôme consists of five specially designed units. The sections are designated to liquor, cosmetics, luxury jewellery or advertising space for these products. The in-flight duty free store takes up a total of 13 passenger seats, and although this means a loss of passenger revenue, Korean air is confident that the sale of high-end duty free products and product advertising space will more than make up for the revenue lost from these seats.

The first of Korean Air’s 10 A380 aircraft goes into operation on 10 June 2011 between Seoul and Tokyo, followed by Bangkok, Hong Kong and North American routes.


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