The future of on-line shopping and social commerce on tv

Today I’ve seen two extremely interesting and cool examples of the possibilities new technology gives us to change our shopping experience radically.

The first is a concept that can be the saviour for television and elevate the last century marvel into the 21st one. This next-generation TV will incorporate all the needs and possibilities of now and ads a social and commercial layer to the experience. The project, with codename GOAB, is designed by digital agency Syzygy and is turning your handset (tablet/mobile) into a socially and commercially-enabled TV remote.

more here

The second concept  is of the Swedish cell phone company ‘Three(3) they bring the on-line sales experience to the next level. The sales experience has a particularly bad reputation and can be a real threat to your carefully build brand image. This new concept taps into the fact that much more of our communication with one another is relayed via body language. 3′s ‘Liveshop’ has a minority report kind of interface and is still in a concept phase but shows us a fascinating case study for how online sales might be look in the nearby future.

via Techland

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