The first pop-up mall in London and now you can shop in a Berlin apartment.

I have seen a lot of cool and interesting things pass by the last two weeks. Some set me thinking others just were beautiful. Here are a few of those:

The first Pop-up mall called boxpark is going to be opened in London this year. It directly took me back to my project surprise enterprise designed in 2006.

A romantic store interior for the Swedish Phone Company ‘You by Dialect‘ reminds me that most of the telecom stores look clinical and are male orientated. This one feels a lot more feminine. Amazingly that’s something not done a lot in this business.

via weheart

The newest project of sub zero cool Berlin fashion brand ‘Bless’ is taking brand experience to an other level with “BLESS Home”. It is a shop and residence in a lofty Berlin apartment that will be occupied by people who are willing to expose itself to the whole Bless experience. When living in the apartment he or she will at the same time work as caretaker and shop manager. What’s next?

via garbage dress

Regular readers know that I have a weak spot for retail interiors made with simple, mostly inexpensive intervention. This very charming children store is completely decorated with revamped materials bought from a local flea market and from eBay. And I have to admit it looks quit good.

via referans

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2 Responses to “The first pop-up mall in London and now you can shop in a Berlin apartment.”

  1. Around the net: virtual collage pop stars, an art-filled calendar, « icepick Says:

    […] brandd and Garbage […]

  2. yellowicepick Says:

    Thank you for these interesting links!

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