5 Retail (technology) Trends from the NRF

Trend-website Scout discribes 5 retail (technology)trends they recognized during National Retail Federation’s Show in New York.

1. Interactive Displays:

This touch-sensitive display from Intel and Adidas allows customers to conveniently scroll through different shoe models and chose from a wide variety of styles—even ones the store does not have in stock. Intel’s systems features built-in face-recognition technology that automatically identifies age and gender of approaching customers, and makes recommendations based on these parameters.

2. In-Store Navigation:

Microsoft demoed a new Augmented Reality system that lets shopper use their smartphones to define which products they are looking for. They are then guided to their location in the store via AR tags which are super-imposed over the camera view of the smartphone.

3. AR Mirror:

Imagine That presented its AR fitting room “mirror” that allows online shoppers to try on virtual garments and accessories in front of their webcam. The virtual merchandise is overlaid onto the users’ body, automatically adapting to their movements. It’s ideal for elderly people, housebound people, and the part of the population that lives in remote areas.

4. Near Field Communication:

ViVoTech showcased its NFC (Near Field Communication) payment solution consisting of an in-store NFC reader that allows shoppers to make payments using their mobile phone. The NFC payment system effectively turns customers’ phones into a credit or debit card, making shopping more convenient.

5. Glove Inventory Scanner:

This wearable device from KoamTac consists of an ultra-compact and lightweight barcode scanner that is integrated into gloves, allowing for hands-free barcode scanning. This innovative device is intended for inventory workers who are now able to scan barcodes and stack shelves at the same time, thereby increasing productivity.


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